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Convert list of manga directories to comic book archive

Suppose you have a list of manga directories i.e folders with images that have numbers as names. Although applications like MComix can read such directories without any problem, you might feel like creating a proper comic book archive using these images. Here is what I do to convert these directories to cbz files.

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Rename large list of files by removing just one character

Sometimes, we have a large collection of files e.g mp3 files that plays fine in a computer, but fails to copy to an external devices like a mobile phone, because of weird file naming. One of such cases happened to me, where all the files in a directory had pipe character (|) on them.

Those files would play fine on a computer, but failed to copy to a phone. Therefor,e I had to create following script to rename all those files, just by removing the pipe character(|). Here is the script (rename.sh).

for file in *.mp3
 rename 's/\|//' "$file"

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