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Enable and use open source radeon drivers in a muxless hybrid graphics (Intel/AMD) setup


It should be no news to people who have been closely following the open source driver development that it was a hit and miss trying to enable radeon drivers. This tutorial might be useful to those users who have been unaware of how to enable dynamic gpu switching at runtime. Thanks to reddit user JackDostoevsky, who wrote the necessary steps to set it up, this tutorial was possible. This tutorial is just the re-iteration of that post. Read this post, if you want to follow the discussion. I have taken a more conservative approach of installation in this tutorial. If you want to checkout git versions, follow above discussion. In case of ubuntu, I am using 13.04 (linux 3.8) with xorg-edgers ppa. Performance wise in a game under wine, this setup was garbage. While in arch, I got better FPS compared to using just the Intel graphics card. Though the performance of native games were largely improved. Therefore in this case, newer versions of the driver and kernel packages are always better.

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