Important IntelliJ settings and commands


  1. Find actions by name – Ctrl + Shift + A . This command helps to type and get to the command
  2. Toggle bookmark – F11 . It helps to mark a point in code and come back to it later
  3. Run current file – Ctrl + Shift + F10.
  4. Debug – After you run the file once, you can now run Debug with usual Shift + F9, step over with F8 and stop with Shift + F2. Use Ctrl + F8 to toggle debug point.
  5. Navigate breadcrumb. Alt + Home. This selects the breadcrumb at top, you can then press left arrow to navigate packages and directories. If you press down array, you can select other files or folders at that level. At this point, you can use Alt + Insert to create new class, files or packages.
  6. To hide active tool window press Shift + Esc. To hide all windows press Ctrl + Shift + F12
  7. If you enable emacs keymap you can use several keys to navigate. My favorites are Ctrl + N to move to next line, and Ctrl + P to move to previous line. Ctrl + E to move to the end of the line, Ctrl + A to move to the beginning of the line. Alt + Backspace/Delete/d deletes a word. Ctrl + d deletes a single character. Ctrl + F/B moves cursor one letter at a time. Ctrl+x+s saves a file. Ctrl+s searches a text in current file.
  8. Alt + 1 shows/hides Project Explorer. Alt + 4 shows/hides run window. Using these tools you can manually navigate (create files/packages) or enter text input for programs.
  9. If you did not enable emacs keymaping Ctrl + Shift + or if you did Ctrl + X, Ctrl + F enables project wise file search.
  10. If you type sout and press Tab it will expand to System.out.println(); Similarly, psvm translates to main method. You can see others using Ctrl + J.



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